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For Solopreneurs, Professionals, And Anyone Looking To Escape The 9-5 Once And For All

New FreedomFirst Method By T. Harv Eker Reveals A Counterintuitive Three-Step Approach To becoming Financially Free... In The Next Five Years Or Less

Even with a recession looming, inflation rising, and the world economy on its edge!

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FIVE YEARS TO FREEDOM is T. Harv Eker's counterintuitive approach to becoming financially free so you have the power to choose IF and WHEN you want to work—in five years or less, no matter where you're starting from.

You can achieve this by following three simple steps in a specific order—without complicated schemes, elaborate business plans, or investing all of your life savings.

And as a result... you can achieve financial independence faster, even if you're starting from scratch—this is FIVE YEARS TO FREEDOM.

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FIVE YEARS TO FREEDOM is a shortcut.

Many people struggle their entire lives and never become fully financially free, (let alone enjoy the kind of lifestyle they want)...

Before Harv created this formula, he struggled for over 10 years with 14 business and 12 jobs that didn't work for him and was on the verge of giving up.

After he finally put the pieces together and famously turned a $2,000 credit card loan into $1.6 million in two and half years...

He discovered that there's more to winning the money game than simply making a lot of money.

Getting rich can be hard—and take many years (sometimes lifetimes) for most people.

And rich does not necessarily equal free.

(You can make millions and still be a slave to your job or business.)

It led him to question everything and eventually turn the entire model upside down, break all the rules, and free himself from the chains of the old ways.

From studying people who had achieved the kind of freedom he craved, he came up with three things they all seemed to have in common—which 99% of people never think to do.

Using his newfound knowledge, his journey became ten times easier and ten times faster! Shortly after, he could truly say that he was no longer a slave to money.

Now, you have the opportunity to duplicate the entire three-step system Harv built by downloading a $5.00 book called Five Years To Freedom.

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The Five Years To Freedom eBook

Harv's "disruptive" step-by-step system for making a lot of money and becoming financially free.

9 FREE Fast-Action Bonuses:

7-Day Kickstart Course

A daily video for 7 days with simple action steps to help get you off to a fast start.

The Five Years To Freedom Calculator

Get clear on your personal roadmap to financial freedom and enjoying the lifestyle you want.

The Freedom Models PDF

Harv's exact "playbook" for making a lot more money quickly and becoming free in under five years.

Proven Templates & Cheat Sheets

Covering every aspect of making money and finances, these will save you a ton of time and hassle trying to go it alone.

The Procrastination Cure

How to "hack" your brain to take action in spite of fear, resistance, or procrastination.

The "Launch Your Product" Checklist

Use this simple checklist to successfully launch any product or service with far less effort.

"Wealth Declarations" PDF

Say these declarations daily to quickly reprogram your money blueprint and attract the abundant freedom you want.

Passive Income System

This special two-part video instructional reveals a simple system anyone can use to create passive income starting today.

Access To The Harv Eker Online Community

Get your questions answered, share wins, and get support from our team (and other like-minded people) with access to our private online community.



The Simplest Way To Become Financially Free In The Next 5 Years Or Less, No Matter What Happens With The Economy

This is everything Harv discovered about how to become financially free, broken down into a simple 3-step formula you can begin today. Even if you’re starting from scratch, you’ll know how to achieve freedom in 5 years without complicated schemes, elaborate business plans, or investing your life savings.

You're Also Getting...

The Freedom Models PDF

See options for Harv's top paths to freedom so you can fast-track your success.

Proven Templates & Cheatsheets

Covering every aspect of becoming financially free, these done-for-you cheat sheets are a huge head start.

"Procrastination Cure"

Discover how to take action in the face of fear, rejection, procrastination, or anything else that stops you.

The "Launch Your Product" Checklist

Follow this simple outline to quickly (and succesfully) launch any product or service.

The Wealth Declarations